realestateinvestingAs an experienced real estate investor, David will show you step-by-step how easy it is to take back control of your retirement nest egg so that you too, like thousands of other people, can diversify into real estate and repair the damage inflicted on you by Wall Street.
When you choose to work with David and his team you will receive on-on-one personal coaching at no additional cost. The more comfortable you are managing your plan- the more successful you will become.

Your Trust Is Important To UsTrust Us
We have been providing self-directed retirement plan services for real estate investors for 15 years. During that time we have earned the faith and trust of thousands of clients nationwide.In addition we are a trusted resource for other financial professionals and real estate companies around the country who rely on us to provide expert guidance for the clients.

Freedom First 401k is a service division of our parent company Personal Success Planning, LLC that has earned the highest accredited rating from the Better Business Bureau, an A+ and we have never in our history had any complaints whatsoever. We appreciate that real estate is a time sensitive opportunity. We proudly maintain a 98% same business day response rate for all calls and emails from our clients.


Would you like to discover how to create your own nest egg of tax free income for life?

We’ll provide you with a factual comparison of self directed plans from a retirement plan expert.

Learn more about the power of real estate 401k
What is the ultimate “All-in-One” plan and what can it do for me?

What is the Ultimate All in one self directed retirement plan and how does it differ from self directed IRAsIt’s the only retirement plan that truly puts you back in control of your financial destiny, as well as being one of the most powerful tax reduction tools you can use.

How does the “All-in-One” plan compare side-by-side with a self directed IRA?

Compare the ultimate self directed 401k plan to a self directed IRA planYour Freedom First “All in One” plan allows you to do things that you can’t even dream of doing with a self directed IRA. The next page lays it all out with eye opening detail.


Speak with a self directed plan expert who is also an experienced real estate investor.

Tax Free Investing

Who else is sick and tired of being married to the IRS and wants a divorce?

If you choose to keep playing the tax-deferred retirement game you are guaranteed to be bleeding taxes the rest of your life.

Or you can choose to tell the IRS to get lost and take Congress up on their offer of growing a retirement plan that is TAX FREE FOREVER!

Click here to discover exactly what you need to do.

Be your own trustee

What it means to be your own “Trustee”
The tax code governing 401(k)’s does NOT require a third party custodian. You as the owner are allowed to have full authority to manage your plan.We generally include both Husbands and Wives as co-trustees since you are both are allowed to rollover previous retirement plans PLUS make future contributions to the plan.As Trustee(s) you are responsible for choosing the investments that appeal to you and performing your due-diligence prior to investing.As Trustee(s) you have personal control of your 401(k) checking account. Our services also include assisting you with opening the 401k checking account with a major bank that we have a working relationship with.

Who is the ultimate plan for?What type of person is the Ultimate “All-in-One” plan best suited for?

If you are a person who does not have much experience managing your own financial affairs and prefers to delegate these responsibilities to a financial professional then the Freedom First 401k is probably not the option for you.On the other hand, if you have experience in buying and selling some type of real estate or you are involved in some type of entrepreneurial activity then you will be delighted with the freedom of choice our plan provides you.

Our Freedom First All-in-One plan is ideally suited for you if you are:

  • Sick and tired of being forced to take a ride on the roller coaster stock market and being limited to investment choices where your hard earned dollars are exposed to 100% risk.
  • Frustrated by having to sit on the side lines because real estate is not an option for your retirement plan(s).
  • No longer willing to gamble and let some so-called financial professional _ roll the dice and determine what type of a future you and you’re loved ones will have?
  • Excited to explore the freedom of charting your own course and disciplined enough to follow the rules.

Client Testimonials

“Dave was referred to me by, a financial coaching instructor. I am somewhat of a novice when it comes to the real estate world, so his help was very grateful to me. I of yet have not made any transactions, but will hope to do so in the future. I do think that I have the tools to make things work, but if I get confused I’m sure I can ask Dave. >>Read more…
Federico W.
“Dave Cole, truly saved my life. I was in a real financial predicament and didn’t know where to turn. Dave showed me how to use money that I had amassed in my 401k for a very critical real estate transaction that has truly created a wonderful situation for me and my family. I just don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t have met Dave. >>Read more…
Brooke Robins
“Dave helped me put my plan together about 3 years ago. I have primarily concentrated on residential rental property as a retirement vehicle. The thing I appreciate most about Dave is that he didn’t disappear on me. I’ve had numerous questions along the way and he’s been available with continued support and guidance. >>Read more…
Bill C.
Click Here To Find Out If The Freedom First ‘All-in-One” Plan Is A Fit For You
Click Here To Find Out If The Freedom First ‘All-in-One” Plan Is A Fit For You